What Would You Change?

Every month or so, I stop and ask myself: “If money, time, talent, and resources were no object, what would be the top 2-3 things I would change in my life?”

This is a great question because it moves me out of the “status quo” of life and helps me think bigger.

And the truth is, there isn’t a lot I would change. Here are the three big ones (in no particular order).

  • Deeper relationships – I want to learn to go deeper with friends and family.
  • Financial independence – I’m getting out of debt very quickly, but there’s still some debt left. I hate being in debt.
  • Spend more time in prayer – I need/want to spend more time in prayer. The most healthy and spiritually full times of my life were the times of deep commitments to prayer.

And really that’s it. Those are the things that I would like to change. What are yours?