Apple vs. FBI

If you read the news lately, reporters talk about how Apple is now feeling “the pressure”. In case you’re not caught up on the conversation, the FBI put pressure on Apple to unlock an iPhone. Apple said no. FBI took Apple to court. Meanwhile, the FBI figured out how to unlock the phone themselves and dropped the case.

This is actually to be expected. Apple has only recently began to really increase their security in a dramatic way. Plus, you have a team of some of the most talented hackers in the world trying to break into a device for months on end. They were almost sure to find a flaw somewhere.

At some point in the near future, Apple will find and patch this hole. Then we’ll begin the conversation all over again. In a year or two the FBI will find another hole. A few months later Apple will patch it. Etc.

Regardless, I’m proud of Apple for taking a stand. For making the statement that your information actually belongs to you. Few other major tech companies are doing that. Instead of criticizing, let’s be glad they are making a stand. And let’s continue to understand the cat and mouse game that is cryptography. The game that started in earnest in the 70s and is going on today.