What You Don’t Say

Lately, it seems best to keep my mouth shut. There are always opportunities to say inflammatory things. It’s easy to spout opinions. It’s easy to want to be right or to argue.

It’s easy to talk. Listening is hard. With all the conversations around politics (and any other controversial topic), it’s easy to want to speak. And I do so more than I should.

In fact, I have a blog post in draft mode for this blog that you’ll never see. It will never get published. Because sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut. Why cause conflict when we’re not going to do anything positive?

I’m not at all afraid of conflict. But it also isn’t helpful to cause conflict if you’re not going to change anything.

So maybe try keeping your mouth shut. I’m trying it. It’s making my life better.

Decide to listen more. Talk less. You never know what you’ll learn.