The Life Chart

Note from Tyler: I originally meant to keep this private, but after sharing with some friends I had a lot of interest. So I’m writing up a quick post about the chart I use to help me determine what in my life is “on track” and what is “off track”. I share this in the hope it may help you.

The other day in small group I had a realization.

Most of the things we spend a lot of time worry about in life can be boiled down to just a few things.

In fact, if we get a few things right, everything else often falls into place.

That doesn’t mean things happen out of our control. Of course they do.

Getting fired, medical issues, sickness, and death are realities that we live in. But we can often reduce our risk by living well.

Even if you’re ill, it can still make sense to live a healthy life.

The fact is, it can seem like there are so many things in life we need to focus on. It can be overwhelming at times.

But in fact, it can be fairly simple.

I had this idea back around the new year, but it came up recently and people seemed interested in this.

So I thought I’d share my life chart:

This little chart pretty much contains all the important and relevant things in life.

And each of these fall into one of five categories: Relationships, Faith, Health, Money, Achievement

By and large those five categories contain everything that is important and fulfilling.

Each of these categories are color coded. Green is good. That means I’m content with that area. I don’t want to get lazy, but overall I’m in pretty good shape.

Yellow is so-so. It needs some work, but it’s passable.

Red is critical. There are areas I need to devote some time and effort into.

This was my chart from Jan 1. Since then a few things have changed, but you’re not here to snoop on my life. I hope you can use this in your own life.

If you have a spare minute, sit down and color code each of these areas on your life. If you’re not sure what to focus on, this will help.

I made this chart in about 20 minutes using LucidChart. You can view it here (but you’ll need to create an account).

You could just as easy do it in Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.

Hope it helps.