Failure to Create

Perhaps one of the saddest things I see in my generation is a failure to create things. We don’t build things by ourselves anymore, we leave it up to companies. I don’t mean just physical things. I just mean using creativity to bring something to life. It is easier now than ever before to create digital content. Even your cell phone has a video camera! Yet so many people I know just choose to be spectators in life. They work for someone else, then they come home and watch or read things that other people created. This isn’t necessarily bad. It only becomes a problem when they choose to replace their own creativity with simple observation. There is a place for observation, but there is just as much a place for creativity.

There is almost nothing like losing yourself in the creative process. I love the moment when I’m so focused on what I’m doing the rest of life falls away just for a few minutes. The moment when I’m so involved in a project that I forget where I am.

Create something today. Put together a craft, sew a garment, write a song. I really don’t care what you do, but just create.