A vs. B Players

Lately, I’ve been spending a good deal of time thinking about what makes the biggest difference between “A” players (successful people) and “B” players (generally less successful). I used to think it was knowledge or ability.

However, I’m becoming more convinced that it’s simply one thing – execution. B players can’t get stuff done. They get stuck. They don’t go.

A players get things done quickly. They execute on ideas.

I know this because I’ve spoken to over 30 people in the past couple months. I literally gave them the key to building a great marketing strategy and growing their business. I laid it out as clear as possible. It was right there.

And nobody has come back and done anything about it. I don’t know that anyone has used the knowledge I’ve given them. Maybe they have. I hope they have.

But I haven’t seen any successes. I haven’t heard any stories.

Before, I thought it was just me. Maybe my speaking wasn’t good enough or persuasive enough. And I’m sure there’s some truth in that. I do need to get better.

But theĀ content was all there. It was recipe for success. But nobody has baked the cake. All the ingredients are still in the fridge.

And that is what separates A and B players. It’s all in the execution.